Unmatched quality – ZERO 
down time and flight schedule 
changes – Redefining the 
meaning of cost savings for 
aircraft operator

Full spectrum interior repair, 
restoration and maintenance 
right at the location of the 
aircraft parking


From the founders 
of the original 
mobile interior 
aircraft repair concept




MARS Aero Interiors - implements newest technologies to provide our clients with a 100% mobile, high quality interior repair solution, that is revolutionizing the industry. In order for us to be able to bring this service to our customers, our company has built specially designed work vehicles that are equipped with all necessary tools and materials that allow us to effectively perform a full spectrum of interior refurbishment services 


Our strategic partnership with one of the leading certified interior part manufacturers NPP FOTON allow us to address all of our customer's interior restoration needs from repair of any and all surfaces to production of new certified parts


About us

Our work vehicles are designed to comply with all material storage requirements and are equipped with only the best professional gear from the world's leading equipment manufacturers. 


Our company's highly experienced team of technicians, has gone through rigorous training and has since logged thousands of hours successfully repairing any and all types of interior damage on various types aircraft, from small business jets to Boeing 777. 


Our company's main emphasis is on the highest level of quality not only of the end result, but on all levels of the process from start to finish! Multi-level quality control and strict process guidelines help assure that every job is completed with the best possible outcome. Because our repair processes are measured out and standardized, we can predict down to minutes how long each process will take, this means that we can accurately plan a repair slot for our clients. 


This allows us to break down more substantial repairs into fragments which can be separately completed during the hours of aircrafts scheduled stand by, resulting in ZERO down time for the customer!


Key benefits of MARS 
interior repair for your 
company's aircraft

Business aviation

Charter operators' AC always looks brand new, as if just gone through a full interior refit


No need to decrease prices on charters as the aircraft ages to compete with newer, fresher aircraft. Colossal savings of unrealized revenue, significantly increase in profits


ZERO down time – savings of loss of revenue from grounding the aircraft for interior maintenance up to 60-70 000 € /day


Much higher customer satisfaction and thus increase in long term business retention


Operators brand development and reputation improvement

Regular civil aviation

Much higher customer satisfaction, easier ticket sales, higher customer retention rates


Higher ticket prices possible as customer satisfaction and retention grows, increased company revenues


Work performed during scheduled aircraft down times, plane continues earning money. Savings from unscheduled grounding up to 50k-70k € /day (costs calculated based on Boeing 737 seating capacity business + economy)


Decreased costs upon aircraft lease return


Alignment with world class operators at fraction of the cost!



Leather and vinyl 
repair and 


Most types of leather and vinyl damage can be repaired without having to reupholster the seat cover


Most of the listed defects can be fixed using our unique leather restoration technology – “Leather Again PRO” 


In cases when the client prefers to have the leather reupholstered, our valued partners at NPP Foton can get it done quickly and provide the client with all necessary approval documentation with EASA F1 certificate

Small tears


Scratches of any type


Discolorations and color fade 


Burn marks

At the place 
of aircraft


Wooden trim 

and veneer 
and repair


Traditionally damaged wooden trim gets re-veneered.

Until recently it has been thought to be the only and the most reliable way to repair damaged veneered surface 


However today technology allows for a much higher quality repair 
and refinish then ever before

Surface cracks


Chips of any size


Broken off pieces of veneered surface




UV color burnout or discoloration

At the place 
of aircraft


and repair 


Time proven methods of plastic repair allow for virtually any type of defect to be restored to like new condition quickly and efficiently


Plastic can also be repainted without repair to give it a new, fresh look

Cracks of any size


Dings and dents 


Broken off pieces



At the place 
of aircraft


Metal components 







Sanding, polishing, 
scratch removal, 
gloss restoration


Repair of cracks, dents 
and other types of defects

Repair of fibers, texture, and pattern of textiles,
including carpet


Repair of burn holes, tears, discoloration restoration of missing pieces

and cabin maintenance


Removal of stains and dirt 
of any complexity, from any surface


Full service dry-cleaning


Ozone treatment, deodorizing,
antibacterial treatment


Regular maintenance 
of interior cleanliness

Additional services

Protective ceramic, and hydrophobic coatings
for all types of surfaces


Grease and waterproof nano-coatings for leather and textile surfaces


Adjustment of hinges, locks, flaps, allingment of panels


Replacement of sealing 
and caulking materials


Replacement of information stickers


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